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What Can You Expect?

Future-proof Revenue


Threats and Chargeback Occurences and protect your revenue.


Industry Relationships and reputation and future-proof your systems.


Revenue Lost to Chargebacks and Fraud with our Rapid Resolutions Playbook.

Our Chargeback Approach

Deconstructing Chargebacks

There is always the temptation to think you need to know everything about any business challenge before you can deconstruct it. Resist that urge.

Chargeback Solutions

Our Merchant Toolkit

Your journey through the chargeback maze becomes straightforward with our suite of solutions.

Alert Monitoring

Ethoca Alerts by enable merchants to respond to potential chargebacks swiftly. It is a collaborative tool that connects merchants, acquirers and issuers together to share fraud and dispute data, enabling a faster dispute resolution.

Verifi Solutions

Verifi Alerts by streamline the dispute process, prevent chargebacks, and protect against unnecessary fraud.

Visa and Verifi have combined capabilities to deliver Rapid Dispute Resolution (RDR). Market-leading RDR facilitates seller, issuer, and acquirer collaboration to resolve unnecessary disputes at the pre-dispute stage.


You have the option to accept the chargeback, or fight it if you think the claim is invalid. If you decide that it’s worthwhile to engage in representment, the requirements for how to submit your case can be complicated. It's a heavily regulated process that specializes in.

What We Do Better

Giving You Clarity

IP Fingerprinting

Accurate Device Fingerprinting

This client-side technology, helps us pinpoint the origins of fraudulent activity. Bad actors often leave digital fingerprints that our system can detect and use to stop fraudulent transactions.

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Data Focused

The Power of Data

We screen billions of endpoints and transactions each year and collect millions of disputes. This extensive dataset enables us to identify anomalies in customer information, safeguarding your business against potential threats.

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Step-by-Step Process

Step-by-Step process

Chargebacks start long before your customer checks out. That’s why provides multiple pre-auth screening tools built to reduce costly alerts, chargebacks, and friendly fraud.

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Rapid Resolution

Rapid Dispute Resolutions

When it comes to managing chargebacks, time is money. You can’t afford to wait days or even hours to know what’s happening. You need data in real time so you can make quick and accurate decisions

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