October 31, 2023

End-to-End Solutions

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Our end-to-end solutions were built to help merchants scale.

Merchant Processing is hard to get and easy to lose.

Our Pre & Post Auth tools can help protect (and grow) your businesses biggest asset… Processing.

Along with our team’s collective industry expertise that spans decades, we thrive in a company culture of iterative diagnosis and intellectual curiosity. We have over the years developed proprietary tools that have resulted in winning up to 80% of chargebacks for our customers. Bold claim indeed, but this is just part of the reason thousands of businesses are switching to
We devote these tools to understanding every twist and turn in problems that unfold in the technicalities of how your money moves.

Our end-to-end solutions were built to help merchants scale, with a methodic blueprint enjoyed by thousands of businesses big and small.

IP Threat Data

Detect abusive IPs - like TOR - to stop fraud & protect your website.

Transaction Screening

Our intelligent fraud screening easily blocks stolen cards, and abusive customers.

Customer Verification

Validate Customer Emails, Shipping Addresses, & Phone data to prevent friendly fraud issues.

Alert Monitoring

Set custom rules to auto-refund or fight costly alerts.

Rapid Dispute Resolutions

Up-to-date integrations for RDR and most popular CRMs.

Chargeback Representment

Recover lost revenue by winning up to 80% of your Chargeback Cases.
It is our desire to empower merchants with detailed knowledge of how their money works, in order to dispel mysteries that tend to build up in the transactional ecosystem that money lives in works in. Book a call.

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