“Dispute.com provides our team with unparalleled flexibility and power to meet the specific requirements we need, when it comes to transaction screening.”

Will Davis, CFO at Merlin Global

Mazes become easy

But only when you know all about them.
We believe in the power of closing the information gaps that make the chargeback process seem like obscure knowledge at the center of a trap-filled labyrinth.

If you know more about the maze you might not be able to avoid  it entirely, but navigating it becomes stress-free

Ethoca Alerts

Ethoca Alerts by Dispute.com connect issuers, acquirers, and merchants. It allows these entities to share fraud and dispute data, speeding up resolutions.

Through fraud-alerts provided in real time, merchants can identify fraud, stop order fulfillment, issue refunds, and prevent the need for chargebacks.

Ethoca Consumer Clarity

Ethoca Consumer Clarity™, provides easily-parsed information to issuers and cardholders through their bank app.

The ability to easily recognize purchases decreases disputes that come from confusion about transactions, improving the overall customer experience and reducing first-party fraud and chargeback costs.

Fraud Insights for Merchants

Our Fraud Insights for Merchants provides a thousand-foot perspective of Mastercard fraud, chargeback and decline data, which helps merchants take preventative action towards potential fraud before it gets out of hand.

Dispute.com and Ethoca improve customer experiences. We decrease CPN fraud, and generally prevent the scenarios that lead to chargebacks

Highly Customizable

A Tuned Configuration

Chargebacks are preventable, but it takes the right combination of proven chargeback prevention tools to help merchants reduce risk and retain revenue.

Any Payment Party

Keep your organization safe from restricted parties by using FinScan to quickly and accurately screen all payment parties.
Senders and Beneficiaries
Correspondent Banks
Inbound and Outbound Transactions

Detection Rules

Design smart rules using a wide variety of transaction attributes to proactively identify and block suspicious transactions.
Watch-list Screening Results
Sanctioned BIC Codes
High-Risk Countries and Currencies
Flexible Transaction Metadata Rules
Wire Stripping
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