“Dispute.com provides our team with unparalleled flexibility and power to meet the specific requirements we need, when it comes to transaction screening.”

Will Davis, CFO at Merlin Global

Screen Any Transaction

Quickly and accurately process any transaction type for domestic payments and international wires for efficient risk detection.

Block Suspicious Transactions

Be instantly notified when an alert is generated, and quickly review to block or release a transaction.

Highly Customizable

Make use of our granular controls to tailor your level of protection to your risk tolerance. To efficiently process low-risk transactions while focusing on those with higher risk.

Maintain Operations

Experience the assurance of knowing your business continuity is secure with lightning-fast payments and robust technology. Giving you more time to spend on the things that count.
Highly Customizable

A Tuned Configuration

While there may be some perks to self-managing disputes, partnering with Dispute.com has time-tested advantages. We watch transactions for potential chargeback triggers, as well as produce error-free, compliant dispute cases. We significantly raise your win rate and ROI.

Any Payment Party

Keep your organization safe from restricted parties by using FinScan to quickly and accurately screen all payment parties.
Senders and Beneficiaries
Correspondent Banks
Inbound and Outbound Transactions

Detection Rules

Design smart rules using a wide variety of transaction attributes to proactively identify and block suspicious transactions.Scan to quickly and accurately screen all payment parties.
Watch-list Screening Results
Sanctioned BIC Codes
High-risk Countries and Currencies
Flexible Transaction Metadata Rules
Wire Stripping
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