“Dispute.com provides our team with unparalleled flexibility and power to meet the specific requirements we need, when it comes to transaction screening.”

Will Davis, CFO at Merlin Global

Chargebacks can be challenged!

You have the option to accept the chargeback, or fight it if you think the claim is invalid.

Take a look at the Chargeback Debit Advice Letter supplied by your acquirer, and decide if it’s worthwhile to engage in representment.

Representment 101

Chargeback representment is a strictly regulated process for fighting an invalid payment card chargeback.

Representment involves submitting evidence to the bank proving that a transaction was valid and that the cardholder's claim should be overturned.

Dispute Representment

We provide an end-to-end solution to win back your disputed sales revenue with a human touch.

The primary purpose of chargeback representment is to provide a fair opportunity to defend against policy abuse and unwarranted chargebacks. It allows you to submit compelling evidence to the issuing bank to prove that the transaction in question was valid and that the cardholder's claim should be overturned.

Outsource Your Revenue Recovery

Not all disputes are created equal. At Dispute.com we know this well. In managing over $1B in e-commerce revenue, we have learned that the best recipe for dispute response success is market leading products and a human touch.

Our team of experts has the ability to review each and every dispute and build a custom compelling evidence response to maximize win rates for all major card brands globally.
Highly Customizable

A Tuned Configuration

Chargebacks are preventable, but it takes the right combination of proven chargeback prevention tools to help merchants reduce risk and retain revenue.

Any Payment Party

Keep your organization safe from restricted parties by using FinScan to quickly and accurately screen all payment parties.
Senders and Beneficiaries
Correspondent Banks
Inbound and Outbound Transactions

Detection Rules

Design smart rules using a wide variety of transaction attributes to proactively identify and block suspicious transactions.
Watch-list Screening Results
Sanctioned BIC Codes
High-risk Countries and Currencies
Flexible Transaction Metadata Rules
Wire Stripping
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