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January 12, 2024

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Deconstructing Chargebacks - A Quick Guide for Merchants - eBook

Chargeback fraud – the basics: What businesses need to know

If you are in business, in any industry, and you have credit card transactions, chargeback fraud has an impact on your bottom line. Business owners know that customer relationships don’t end when transactions do. Converting customers may appear to be the “finish line.” In the real world, a branching maze of possibilities might lead from customer conversion to a less savory end:

  • Chargebacks

Every business owner wants to hold onto revenue. Even the best funnels sometimes leave customers seeking refunds.

Download our ebook to learn more about…

  • What is a chargeback? We go into the meaning of “chargebacks” and what they touch in your business. In short, they’re refunds with good news and bad news.
  • Who is actively involved? The processes involved in chargeback disputes bring in a bunch of movers, both different people and organizations.
  • Who controls the money? Unfortunately, some of the control over the movement of money is not yours. Fortunately, knowledge is power.
  • How long does it take? The stages in the dispute process all trigger a variety of policy-driven deadlines.
  • Common reasons for chargebacks – Delivery problems, customers not recognizing transactions, etc.
  • Common types of chargeback fraud – Legitimate fraud, Friendly fraud, etc.

We get pretty detailed. What can we say? We find it interesting.

Unraveling the Maze of Chargebacks

‍At Dispute.com, we believe in the power of deconstruction. We break down challenges one layer at a time. A methodical approach helps us solve chargeback mazes.

Our team provides rapid strategies for recurring chargeback issues. We don't need to know everything about your business; we need to know how to systematically tackle chargebacks.

Imagine chargebacks as a maze. They’re disorienting, but always solvable.

Download our ebook to learn more about the Dispute.com approach to solving chargeback mazes. We’re here to provide clarity in the maze. Our solutions simplify the journey, and we do it through the power of data and the use of the latest approaches to securing systems.